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Associate Professor

Ph.D. Biology, The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Christopher Brooks

My research focuses on the role that host variation plays in driving the dynamics of consumers. Much of the empirical work that we do involves the association between cactus moths and the Opuntioid cacti (the prickly pears) that serve as their hosts. Much of my past work has focused on determining the host range, ecotypic variation, and distributional limits of the South American cactus moth, Cactoblastis cactorum. Attempts to rear native moths in the laboratory led to a current interest in the role of herbivores in the structure and function of the plant microbiome and how changes in the microbiome influence plant phenotype.                (662)325-8591                    Harned Hall 005

Garrett Timmons

Ph.D. Student

B.S. Biology, Mississippi State University

Garrett's research is focused on the modeling of breast cancer metastasis using an ecological perspective on dispersal and colonization. He is currently in his first year and is working to develop some simple models that can build a foundation for his project.                                                                        Harned Hall 353

Former Lab Members

  • Tyler Schartel

  • Kristen Sauby

  • Leah Chinchilla

  • Robbie Brannum

  • Ethan Lee

  • Danny Li

  • Dylan Neuhaus

  • Spencer Hagwood

  • Taylor Trippe-Bertrand

  • William Burgess

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